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Thornstar is a large gray tabby tom with amber eyes and a large scar on his front right paw.


Deputy; Preceded by Graystorm.

Leader; Preceded by Clawstar, Succeeded by Redstar.

StarClan Warrior

Life in DarkClanEdit

Thornstar was born as Thornkit in DarkClan. As an apprentice he was Thornpaw, though his mentor was unknown. During his apprenticeship he injured his front right paw, resulting in a large scar. Because of this his warrior name was Thornfoot.

Thornfoot was named deputy after Graystorm died.

Thornfoot was named Thornstar after Clawstar died.

Thornstar chose Pineclaw as his first deputy.

Thornstar became mates with Patchfoot.

Thornstar named Redfall as his deputy after Pineclaw died.

Patchfoot has her first litter.

Patchfoot dies some time later.

Thornstar became mates with Blueblossom.

Blueblossom has her first litter.

Thornstar is bitten by a rabid animal; contracts rare strand of the rabies virus. 

Mental IllnessEdit

After being bitten and treated by Silvernose and his current apprentice Tanpaw, Thornstar slowly began to succumb to madness. This madness influenced everything about him and his interactions with his Clan, his family, and the other Clans.

Death Edit

Thornstar was killed by a rogue group leader named Jade.

Night SkyEdit

Thornstar has been spotted in StarClan and the Fields of Goldfur.

Mates & KitsEdit

Thornstar is noted for having fathered fourteen kits. Seven are alive today.


Patchfoot and Thornstar were mates for two seasons before her death. Together they had five kits; only two survived. 

First Litter:

  • Foxkit (deceased)
  • Cloudkit (deceased)
  • Sunkit/paw/mist
  • Yellowkit (deceased)
  • Gorsekit/paw/claw


Blueblossom and Thornstar were mates for two years before Thornstar's death. Together they had six kits in one litter and three in the next; only two survived of the first; all three survived in the second. 

First Litter:

  • Unnamed (deceased)
  • Stormkit (deceased)
  • Graykit (deceased)
  • Whitekit (deceased)
  • Jaykit/paw/call
  • Robinkit/paw/song

Second Litter:

  • Goldkit/paw
  • Silverkit/paw
  • Bronzekit/paw



Pineclaw was Thornstar's first deputy who served under him for two years. He was killed by a stoat.

Redfall (Redstar)Edit

Redfall was Thornstar's second deputy who served under him for four years. He became leader after Thornstar.



Silvernose was the only active healer during Thornstar's leadership. He died of old age a single day before Thornstar was killed.



Roleplay InformationEdit

Thornstar is one of the original characters from Hawkfire's RPG. He was created by Longstorm as Thornstar, leader of DarkClan, never having his time as a kit, apprentice, warrior, or deputy roleplayed (it is because of this that his history is sparse). He was roleplayed sane for a short amount of time. The rest of the time he was roleplayed as slowly falling mentally ill.

Thornstar is Longstorm's first leader character.

Roleplayer's ThoughtsEdit

Longstorm looks back on her time roleplaying Thornstar fondly and misses him.