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Skyecho is a beautiful calico she-cat with green eyes.


Apprentice, Warrior, StarClan Warrior

Life in DarkClanEdit


Life in the Frost ForestsEdit



Skyecho died when she was overwhelmed by cannibalistic rogues in the Battle of DarkClan. In her final moments she had a vision of "her youngest, sweetest kit" possibly becoming a Clan leader.

Night SkyEdit

Skyecho has yet to be seen in StarClan, but she was a noble cat, and it is assumed that she is there.

Mates and KitsEdit


Skyecho left Longflight when she joined the Rebellion. This is the first known divorce of the Outcast Warriors.

First Litter

  • Son: Palekit
  • Daughter: Milkkit
  • Daughter: Spottedkit


Redstar is unaware that he has two sons since they were in Longflight's litter. However, she-cats really do have the ability to bear kits of multiple fathers in a single litter.

First Litter:

  • Son: Owlkit
  • Son: Hawkkit


  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Brother: Frostshine
  • Mate: Longfur

Roleplay InformationEdit

Skyecho's name was originally Skylight. Switch says that names Skylight and Skyecho are meant to represent the sun as it shines through the clouds, "echoing" Skyecho's calico pelt pattern.