Mistlight is a dark gray she-cat with green eyes.


Healer's Apprentice; Preceded by Tanpaw (deceased.)

Healer; Preceded by Silvernose.

Early Life in DarkClanEdit


Life as HealerEdit


Omens, Prophecies, Visions, and DreamsEdit


While Mistlight was still an apprentice a part of the DarkClan Rebellion, while attending a Gathering she had a vision.

In this vision she witnessed Hope (a light that was joined by a dark cloud, now in the form of a twister) fight against a cat made of shadows and thorns. Mistpaw identified this shadow/thorn cat as death. Hope overcame Death and the dark cloud began to loose its grip on the Hope. A kit-like call for help sounded from the south and the Hope-Twister, with the dark cloud barely hanging on, began to make its way towards the call. Mistpaw called out for it to stop - she had listened closely to the call, and beneath the call was a tom's terrible snarl. When Hope was near enough to the noise, Death sprung out again, this time larger and stronger than before, made of blood, surged out and covered Hope with countless cats. The cat dug their claws into Hope and blood gushed out. Black clouds came from two directions. When they met it rained acid and cries of agony.

A prophecy was coupled with this vision.


Prophecy from the Hope vs. Death Vision

"For they who are faint lights among the shadow unseen can bring down such a league. For the weak shall be the saviors of the great, and their rightful home and throne they shall take." 

- From a Strong Voice in the West in a Vision.

"But without they who reflect the sun, the battle will be lost for everyone."

- From a Weak Voice in the North in a Vision.

"He who has the face of a sinner may see the world anew. The rain/reign(?) of blood will see this world shine true.  The abandoned will no longer be alone. And the wandering moon/Moon(?) will again find its home."

- From a Slow, Soft Voice in a Vision.


  • Brother: Cloudfeet