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Jaycall is a large gray tabby tom with blue eyes. He resembles his father, Thornstar, strongly.

Life in DarkClanEdit

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Life in the Frost ForestsEdit

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  • Bluepaw


  • Father: Thornstar (deceased)
  • Mother: Blueblossom 
  • Half-Brother: Gorseclaw
  • Half-Sister: Sunmist
  • Half-Sister: Foxkit (deceased)
  • Half-Sister: Cloudkit (deceased)
  • Half-Sister: Yellowkit (deceased)
  • Brother: Unnamed (deceased)
  • Brother: Stormkit (deceased)
  • Brother: Goldpaw
  • Brother: Bronzepaw
  • Sister: Whitekit (deceased)
  • Sister: Graykit (deceased)
  • Sister/Littermate: Robinsong (MIA)
  • Sister: Silverpaw
  • Uncle: Redstar

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