DewClan is one of the four original Main Clans, and is best known for disbanding then reforming in the form of half-Clanners, rogues, loners, and kittypets.

Significant EventsEdit

  • Disbanding
  • Reformation
  • Badger Attacks
  • Eclipse the White Tiger
  • MudbloodClan Alliance and Betrayal
  • Clan Dividing
  • Attempted and Failed Attack on AbyssClan

Significant LeadersEdit

  • Dewstar
  • Featherstar
  • Smilestar (disbanded DewClan)
  • Daystar (reformed DewClan 7 years later)

Significant DeputiesEdit

  • Smilespots (Smilestar)
  • Laughingclaw (last deputy before disbanding)
  • Dayriser (Daystar)
  • Dewdrop

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