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Blueblossom is a pretty white she-cat with a pink nose and lovely blue eyes.

Life in DarkClanEdit

Blueblossom was born Bluekit into DarkClan.

Life in the Frost ForestsEdit

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Mates & KitsEdit

Unknown Edit

First Litter:

  • Daughter: Skykit/Skypaw/echo (deceased)
  • Son: Frostkit/paw/shine
  • Son: Unnamed (deceased)


First Litter:

  • Son: Unnamed (deceased)
  • Son: Stormkit (deceased)
  • Son: Jaykit/paw/call
  • Daughter: Graykit (deceased)
  • Daughter: Whitekit (deceased)
  • Daughter: Robinkit/paw/song

Second Litter:

  • Son: Goldkit/paw
  • Son: Bronzekit/paw
  • Daughter: Silverkit/paw


  • Father: Graystorm (deceased)
  • Mother: Dawnfur (deceased)
  • Brother: Redstar
  • Sister: Unnamed (deceased)
  • Mate: Thornstar (deceased)

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